‘Londons filthy toxic air has become a public health emergency’-Sadiq Khan

Red Rains of Change/Pollution Protest Drone .

The Red Rains of Change is a reaction to the illegal level of air pollution in London.
London has reached crisis levels of air pollution, with the UK government being taken to court twice by Client Earth on their failure to address the dangerous situation. Just 5 days into 2017 the legal limit was breached in the capital.
This project proposes that in the presence of illegal levels of pollution the drone produces red rain, making the pollution visible - both as a health warning and protest. The drone is equipped with the bacteria P.syringae to induce rain (a natural pollution suppressor) and algea spores from the lichen T.annulata that turns this rain red, the science behind this invention is backed up by scientists at UCL and the University of Montana.
The biblical element highlights the severity of the problem, and puts contemporary plagues into a historical myth based context, while the bio design taps into current conversations around climate change and bio engineering solutions and the publics relationship (and fears) around technology.
A Bio Design Challenge shortlisted project with Katie May Boyd. 

Exhibited at Open Cell studios during LDW 2018.