“In the future that the surveillance capitalism prepares for us, my will and yours threaten the flow of surveillance revenues. Its aim is not to destroy us but simply to author us and to profit from that authorship.”
― Shoshana Zuboff, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.

On a visit to a textile reprocessing plant, Pat,the lady showing me around pulled two dress off the giant conveyor belts that wound around the factory, ‘look,’ she said ‘these have the shop labels still on them, every day more and more unworn garments end up in our textile bins, often i wonder why?’
It was estimated in 2007 that the average person was exposed to over 3000 brand images and messages per day,
There is now a myriad interconnected ways of collecting our data and using this information to create very detailed pictures of us as consumers, so we are living in highly curated advertised bubbles,which is helping us to ignore the human and environmental cost of our consumption….
Advertising has long sought to reach out to try affect our subconscious decision making // we take this as given // but how is this changing now that the technology is? and what about technologies being developed, especially BCI or brain computer interface a rapidly expanding field with much investment, estimates from Grand View research value this market  at 22.7 bn by 2020.
The increasing interest in the commercial aspects of BCI has caused concern among professional bio-ethicists who have published papers looking to examine the issues surrounding human rights and possible breaches by these new and emerging technologies ….
My subconscious shopper seeks to explore these issues, by working with open source biosensing hardwear/softwear i made EEG headsets for children that collects neural data for marketing purposes….this product was taken to a leading technology lawyer and with the correct consent forms verified as legal if i wanted to take it to market….

I wanted to make such a product to engage in conversations around technology ethics,and concepts of free will in a consumer society .