ALL THATS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR.(and the domestic moblie mining unit)

‘ERRMM I WOULDNT TRY THAT’- The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

All thats soild melts into air and the domestic mobile unit.
Are the streets of London paved with gold?
Research done by Dr. Angela Murry of Birmingham university in 2008 found that the catalytic converters’ in cars dispel up to 4 grams of platinum and palladium every 100,000 miles which  ends up as road sweepings, both metals cost more per gram than gold due to the difficulty’s in mining ,
Veolia the giant in private contract cleaning has plans to develop vehicles that will be able to clean and collect this precious cargo off the London streets…..
But maybe this bounty is the reward for living in the UKs most polluted city..? Air pollution is linked to about 40,000 premature deaths each year in the UK, London mayor Sadiq Khan described air pollution as ‘the biggest public health emergency of a generation’ and studies looking at how pollution disproportionately effects socially deprived areas is well documented…
Could a DIY mobile mining unit be designed to go out there to harvest this…could Londoners sick of austerity, lack of housing, and shortened life expectancy through pollution,. kickstart a new gold rush?
Using what I had to hand with domestic appliances I made my own mobile mining unit complete with tin can furnace and fluxes mixed up from household cleaning chemicals, I hit the streets of London to try my luck.